3 Crucial Things To Look For In A Board Management Software

Using physical archives, paper documents, regular mail to transmit information, and other old-fashioned processes have been in circulation for centuries, but with the advent of digitalization many things have changed, and as unfortunate as it was during the co-weed-19 pandemic it has contributed to a more rapid transition to digital business management. Boardroom portals are the most modern and efficient way to run a boardroom, and in this article, we’ll cover three key characteristics to look for when choosing your boardroom portal. 

Virtual meeting platform

Every board of directors has its frequency of meetings, which is discussed and approved by the board itself, in addition, there are also emergency meetings that require a quick solution to some issue. But since the world situation is very unstable now, your board management software should have features that allow meetings, discussions, and voting to take place remotely, from anywhere in the world on any device. Video conferencing features are unfortunately a fairly rare feature with board portal vendors, but you should take the time to look for one because this way you can keep the integrity of your meetings in full attendance, and not only keep your productivity at the same level, but also increase it. Remote meetings also save you time and money on travel and lodging. 

In addition to video conferencing, to improve the meeting process, your board management software should also have tools for agenda and minutes writing, polling, and voting. Digital minutes and agenda writing and maintenance saves your secretary a lot of time and effort and allows him or her to enter all the details more efficiently, edit and mark follow-up tasks. 

Voting helps to increase your attendees’ engagement and quickly resolve any issues outside of the meeting. Board portals should also have anonymous voting features. 

Task management features

To make it easier for you to postpone not forget your secondary tasks, your board management software should have task management tools. With this useful system, you will be able to: 

  • Set deadlines for various tasks – a very useful feature that allows you to set a deadline for a task and easily edit it if you need to. The user who is responsible for the task will not forget about it, because the program will send him automatic reminders about deadlines
  • Tasks can be linked to specific meetings – the tasks are automatically saved with other events in the meeting, so the manager can easily check if all the tasks were completed in the previous meeting
  • Check progress – with dashboards, board members can quickly check for uncompleted tasks, while the administrator can also use them to track the progress of all board members

Document Management System 

When you choose board portal, make sure the vendor pays proper attention to data management tools. This not only ensures the protection of your data but also allows members easy access to the materials they need at any time. So, board management software should provide these features in document management: 

  • Access Control – These features allow administrators to fully control the level of other users’ access to the document. Visibility of these documents and functions of interaction with them. According to user roles, you can prohibit or allow the copying, printing, forwarding, and downloading of any document
  • Electronic Signature is a particularly relevant function in a remote environment. Perform your duties and sign documents quickly and easily from anywhere in the world
  • Mobile access – make sure your board management software is flexible enough to offer you access from any device so board members can prepare for meetings in any environment