Best secure email providers 2021

Our mailboxes are pretty personal, aren’t they? With all that private emails, photos, subscriptions, and business data you wouldn’t want to be easily tracked would you? This is why the security of your email is so important.

The functionality of a secure email provider

Email is the primary key for logging into social media and general Internet use. Most professionals still prefer email as their primary means of communication.

Email is a very “ancient” technology compared to modern communication solutions, which have many technical limitations. The advanced age of technology has a negative impact on safety. Fortunately for the 4 billion email users, many security developers and researchers are working hard to improve older technology to remain viable and relatively secure in an era of fast, intelligent attacks.

The best way to maximize your email security is using a reliable secure email provider. It will codify your personal data and help restrict email access to selected dedicated IP addresses. Most of the best email services like Gmail support this feature.

The best alternatives of email secure services

Let’s take a look at a few secure email services and highlight their key security benefits:

  • ProtonMail offers great security features like end-to-end encryption and anonymous accounts. According to ProtonMail’s privacy policy, IP registration is turned off by default, although you can force it to turn it on if you like. This behavior can significantly improve privacy because in this case, it prevents your location from leaking by IP address. ProtonMail does not save your data when deleted. The company uses the best security practices to ensure that you do not lose your data and respect your privacy.
  • Sendinc is a web-based service that allows you to securely and easily send confidential information via email. You and your recipients can use it for free. Sendinc protects your message by ensuring that your data remains encrypted from the moment it is sent from your computer to the moment it is received by recipients. At no point in the process is your message data transmitted or stored in an unencrypted format. Sendinc also keeps your messages safe by verifying that the recipients are indeed your intended recipients.
  • Zoho is the best email service for multiple accounts. Zoho primarily focused on the cloud, creates a variety of applications and services for consumers and enterprise users. So it might come as no surprise that the company is actively competing in email. What’s more, it comes with the ability to integrate all your email accounts from other services, and if you want to use folders to improve your email performance, rest assured that Zoho can do it with ease. This service is very valuable due to the sheer number of features you get in the free version. For most consumers, there simply would be no reason to update and choose the paid version. And even for some companies that don’t give a damn about a vanity URL, choosing a basic, free option makes some sense.
  • Outlook is the best postal service for business. Microsoft Outlook has been playing around with email for a long time. For companies, this is the pinnacle. In addition to accessing the service in a browser, you can download Office 365 and get Outlook on your Mac or PC. And with the company’s mobile apps, Microsoft’s email services work well on iOS and Android. If you’re looking for a service that can work the same everywhere, everywhere, Outlook is your winner. Perhaps the best attribute of Outlook is its power. The sheer number of options and functions at your disposal can make you dizzy.